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We learned a lot and we're in love with your work!

We'll repeat soon! Thanks again and it was a pleasure to meet you



Two-hours online course

  • Method: Screen-sharing via ZOOM. Please download the app. This can be an editing course, photography course (ask anything about photography), or portfolio review/critics. Can be mix all of them within 2 hours. For editing tutorial, please choose any of my pictures from my instagram or 500px. Or can be mixed with one of your raw picture.

  • Fee:  USD75/person.

  • (USD 60 for one who joined my previous session or any of my events)

  • Software: Adobe Photoshop (latest version)

  • Basic Requirement: Know how to work with layers & masking. 

  • Schedule: Set up your most convenience time and I will match with my schedule. (I live in Jakarta and please check our time difference here


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