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One-on-one/small group workshop

I would consider private learning is the best method to learn photography. You can customize the material of learning that you really wish to learn from me. You can also use this opportunity to build better portfolio or combine this for traveling & learning.


For location please choose any places you wish. However, these places are recommended to learn about people and portrait photography. Anyway, I live in Jakarta !

  • Duration: Normally Two-three days. (However, it is possible to do more than three days until 7-8 days. )

  • Method: 1-2 days shooting practice. Learn about lighting, find proper background, create drama, posing for portrait, how to see the light. And 6 hours post processing learning how to develop raw file. Special technic to learn about how to adjust locally based on luminosity and colours. Participant will get photoshop panel and actions.

  • Fee:  Please fill in form to get quote.

  • Software: Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop CC and Nik Software

  • Equipment: Any DSLR or Mirrorless brands with. Lens: 24-70 and 70-200mm or around same range. Optional: speedlite and trigger/receiver.

  • Basic skill requirement: Understand basic photography and editing (raw developing, layers, masking)

  • Schedule: Set up your most convenience time to match with my schedule.

  • Accomodation: Participants can setup their own accomodation. Or let me fully arrange everything or partly. 

Mt Bromo, East Java. (Flight destination: Surabaya)

Bali. (Flight destination: Denpasar)

West Java (Flight destination: Jakarta)

Some of participant's work

Julia Aleksandrova (Russia)

Paulo D'Eramo (Switzerland)

Peter Levshin (US)

Poey YT (Singapore)

Enjo Matthew (UAE)

READY?  Please fill in FORM

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