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Bali photography trip


Come join me, Rarindra Prakarsa to the most remarkable places for photography: Bali for a 6 days photography workshop-trip in Aug 26th-31st, 2024. Ill be arranging some never-before scenes and setups for combining wonderful scenery, portrait and cultural photography. Along with enjoying  local dishes. 

The Date: Aug, 26-31, (Incl. arrival-departure days) 
Package price per pax:  USD 995 or IDR 14,950,000
Group Size: maximum 6 (Six) participants + Rarindra + 2 local guides+helper


What’s included in the package?

  • 5 nights accommodation. Single supplement based. (one room for one person)

  • Airport transfer to hotel 

  • Tuition and setups (field mentoring) By Rarindra

  • Breakfast and lunch. (minus Dinner) 

  • All Talents/model fee, Entrance fee 

  • Local guide+helper

What’s NOT included?

  • International flight

  • Accommodations outside the tour date

  • Dinner

  • Tipping for driver/assistant

  • Alcohol or any beverage 

  • Food ordered NOT by organizer or order more than one main set menu.




What to Bring

Photography gears

  • One main camera body. (Highly sugggested to bring camera backup)

  • Range between 24-70mm, 70-200mm

  • Godox triggers: Xpro or X2T or X1T

  • Passport (Check your passport validation before leaving--6 months earlier)

  • Details what to bring will be informed later



Payment method:

Deposit USD 250 or IDR 4 millions  (Before May 17, 2024)

Balance USD 735 or IDR 10,95 Millions (Before July 12, 2024)


Wise account: 




Account number: 4912 260 571

Account name: Budi Prakasa Karyadi

Branch: Jalan Panjang

Address: Jalanl Panjang 79 EF, Kelapa Dua, Jakarta 11520, Indonesia





Account number: 084-046-5012

Swift code: CENAIDJA

Branch: Wisma Asia I

Bank Address: Wisma Asia I, JL Jend S. Parman, Kav. 79, Jakarta 11420




Aug 26:

This day is arrival day. There will be airport transfer if you arrive between 12:00 - 14:00. Participant can manage their own transfer to Ubud area. It takes normally 1,15 minutes. We will be staying in the Ubud area where we can find many shops, restaurants near the Monkey Forest area. Hotel check-in.


Aug 27th:

Morning session: We will be heading earlier around 5:30 from the hotel to shoot an old traditional Bali market. Here we will learn how to deal with natural morning light mixed with artificial light. And get nice composition out of many subjects.. 

Back to the hotel to have breakfast.


Afternoon session: After lunch, we will directly go to an ancient Hindu temple, 30 minutes from the hotel to capture the famous Kecak Dance performed by 25-30 people. But beforehand we will also take portraits of performers during their preparation. 


Aug 28th: 

Morning session: We will be starting around 6:00 from the hotel to get to a village where some elders from Bali will be our portrait subjects. Here we will do environmental portraits (human+woder background portrait) and close portraits. They wear Bali traditional dress which is actually their daily dress. Here we use two artificial lights to get nice lighting.


Afternoon session: This afternoon we will be going to a famous old village of Tenganan. There are some heritage houses there and what is interesting is that they wear traditional dress for daily activities. Here we will set up a few Rejang dancers and some locals portrayed mixed with wonderful houses.


Aug 29th:

Morning session: 

Today we will be starting earlier to get to the most beautiful lake and volcano in Bali: Kintamani. Here we will be shooting Balinese girls with traditional dress. There is also a beautiful temple connected with a small bridge decorated with balinese style carving.

We will have breakfast in a nice restaurant with a view of volcano scenery. 

located 10 minutes from this 









Afternoon session: 

We will be heading to an old temple where we can have a few vintage Bali models there.Combined with the temple to get dramatic ancient Balinese activities. 


Aug 30th

Morning session:

This morning we will start a little bit later after breakfast. We will be visiting a traditional blacksmith factory which produces music instruments in the Ubud area. Here we will be shooting their activity combining natural and artificial lights. 


Afternoon session: 

We will be visiting a village to capture the cultural performance: Mask Dance and Fire Dance (Sanghyang Jaran) that are performed only for photography purposes to get the most artistic shoot. 

Aug 31st.

Morning session: We will start a bit earlier and need to reach beautiful waterfalls. And here we will have boys with Boar Barong. 


End of the trip 


Checkout and airport transfer

Please fill and send this FORM for joining








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